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Orders go out the next day except for Sunday. Sunday orders are shipped on Tuesday. All orders will be followed up with a confirmation email with your tracking number for shipping. If the item is out of stock (rarely happens) we will call and email you for a replacement item. Any concerns or questions contact us at 773.276.1450

Your Purchase is Secure
Your orders are secure. Our shopping cart connects to a secure server to protect your credit card.

Shipping costs are based on the shipper you choose, number of days and the number of items you purchase. You will be emailed your tracking number once the your order has shipped. If you need to change where the package is heading yoru should email our store immediately.

Return Policy
If there is a problem with your order please call our store during business hours to tell us about it or email us. If you feel that you need to return your order please call us or email us and we will make arrangements.

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Futurgarb 1369 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
phone: 773-276-1450
store Hours: Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Saturday 12 - 8pm
Sunday 12 - 6pm

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